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Long-Term Effects of Scar Formation


While the body’s formation of scar tissue is an awesome demonstration of self-preservation, the resulting fibrous mass can set the stage for problems down the road. Composed primarily of collagen, scar tissue’s fibrosity prohibits adequate circulation. In addition to the physical limitations of collagenous tissue, the lack of blood flow and lymph drainage occurring in [...]

Scar Traits


While the degree of scar formation varies from person to person, there are some distinguishing characteristics: Becomes hard and non-pliable Bands of fibers on or below the surface Skin tightens or shortens. When crossing a joint, this contracture may limit range of motion, comprise function or cause deformity. Becomes dry and reopens to form a [...]

Scar Formation


Scar Formation: Scars occur as a natural part of the healing process. Every wound, except for very minor lesions, would incur some scarring. Scars are formed by fibrous tissues that replace normal skin after surgery, acne or injury. The same collagen fibers that comprise normal tissue are present in scars. A Scar occurs when collagen [...]

Pay Attention to Fragile Areas


Some parts of your face (eye contour, lips, etc.) have particularly fine, fragile skin. They need specific care, especially the eye contour and the lips. These areas of your face are more sensitive and deserve special attention. Scarnox® Gel should not be placed in contact with mucous membranes, or the eyes. In case of [...]