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Visible Results of Scar Treatment & Prevention with

Visible Results of Scar Treatment & Prevention with

The dual action scar management gel

Indicated for the effective prevention & treatment of hypertrophic scars & keloids caused by:

Surgery | Trauma | Burns | Acne

Provides effective occlusion & hydration of the stratum corneum & outer layer of the epidermis reducing scar formation
through the unique dual action mechanism:

Quadri Occlusion

Cell renovation & skin rejuvenation

Scarnox effectively diminishes scarring through:

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Real People Real Stories

The management of scars is a challenge for professionals since these lesions can greatly impact quality of life. Patients constantly present not only with physical discomfort, but also aesthetic, social and psychological distress. Treating scars with the right treatment such as Scarnox® can save you a great deal of frustration.

Here are a few of the stories real people have shared with us:

“ Have been using for about a two weeks now on a small scar on my arm where I had several stitches 2 years ago. Even though it is an old scar, I can see the difference already. Scar looks flatter and dots where the stitches were have disappeared. ”


“ I had a surgery recently, I gave this a try. It was almost miraculous how this thing worked. I used this amazing product and I quickly noticed the keloid scar flattening. I can see that I will not have the usual ugly keloid scar I have had in the past surgeries. I highly recommend this if you have the same problem. ”


“ Worked really great. The scars are not noticeable that much. It started lightening up the scars and it’s working. Need to buy another one soon! ”


“ I have used Scarnox® with patients in my clinic and I have found Scarnox® to be more effective and faster acting than other similar treatments. ”


“ I like the smell of this product. And it helps to reduce redness and scar after applying for several days (new scars). My doctor advised me to continue for 8 weeks. I’m definitely happy with this product!  ”


“ Very pleased! Easy to use and dries quickly. Does not stain my clothes. Recommended by my surgeon. Thank you! ”


“ A month after use, the scars appeared lighter and skin does appear fresher. I was happy with those results, and it’s good that I can apply sunscreen and makeup on my face after the gel dries (couple minutes).  ”


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